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22 MATCH PLAYING   CONDITIONS – Women’s Tier           (Amended November   2014)


The CWCA shall each year at their   AGM make such rules as required for the match playing conditions of women’s   league cricket in Cornwall; these rules shall be submitted in February of   each year to the LMC for ratification. A copy of these rules shall be placed   in the Yearbook of the Cornwall Cricket Board.

22.1 Rulings – As Rule 17.1

22.2 Hours and Conditions of Play – As Rule 20.2, except: All matches to start at   2.00pm; no match to start later than 5.00pm.

22.3 Duration of innings

22.3.1   Each side shall bat for no more than 36 overs.

22.3.2   An innings may not be declared closed after the 32nd over has been   completed if the side batting has already lost 8 wickets.   – As

22.4 Intervals – As Rule 20.4, except: Drinks interval to read “…   18 overs …”

22.5 Weather and Ground Conditions / Cancellation   of fixtures – As Rules 17.5 and   20.5.

22.6 Bowling restrictions

22.6.1   No bowler may bowl more than 25% of the available overs in any innings.

See   also Rules 20.6.2 and 20.6.3

22.7 Match Balls

22.7.1 A new   5oz quartered leather ball shall be provided by the home club.

22.7.2 Two good used balls must   also be available.

22.8 Scoring of Points

22.8.1 The maximum number of points   any side can be awarded is 20.

22.8.2 Bonus points awarded prior   to the abandonment of a match shall stand.

22.8.3 Match Points shall be   awarded as follows:-

10 points for outright win, 7   points for tie or draw with the scores level,

6 points for cancellation or   abandonment

22.8.4 Bonus Points shall be   awarded as follows:- Batting: 1 batting point   shall be awarded for every 30 runs scored up to a total of 150 (i.e. maximum   5 points ). 1 batting point shall be   awarded to a winning side batting second for every 2 wickets standing at the   end of the match, providing total batting points awarded do not exceed a   maximum of 5. Bowling: 1 bowling point   shall be awarded for every 2 wickets taken. If a side cannot bat a   full eleven, the bowling side shall be awarded the maximum of 5 points when   all available wickets are taken.

22.9 Schedule – all Women’s Tier matches shall be played on   Sundays unless teams concerned mutually agree another day of the week.

22.10 Fixtures – the Women’s Tier fixtures shall be compiled by   the CWCA. If a team fails to fulfil a fixture for reasons other than the   weather or state of the ground, the CWCA shall consider any appeal for points   and award accordingly. A visiting team which cancels a match on the day of   the fixture shall pay the home team compensation for cost of teas etc within   7 days (see Rule

22.11 Players – As Rules 17.4.1, 17.4.2

22.12 Registration – As Rule 15 (except

22.13 Umpires

22.13.1 The CWCA shall be   responsible for the appointment of umpires. Should only ONE appointed   umpire be available, the home club shall, where possible, provide a competent   club umpire, who shall be permitted to stand at one end for the full duration   of the match.   If the home club is unable to provide an umpire as in above,   they should contact the away club, which is then invited   to provide an umpire to fulfil this role. If neither club can   provide an umpire to stand for the whole match as in above, then   each shall provide one umpire for their side's batting innings.  This   may, of course, be a player umpire.  The Captains must agree whether any   such umpires are to stand at one end or at the striker's end only.

22.13.2 Where no appointed umpires   are available, each club must provide someone to umpire the match.  Such   umpires may also be players and may be two players from the same club in each   innings.  Each such umpire shall be permitted to officiate at one end.    However, if the Captains agree, they may decide that one competent club   umpire shall always stand at the bowler's end and that other volunteers will   stand only at the striker's end.

22.14 Reporting of results

22.14.1, 22.14.2 As Rule 17.8.1,   17.8.2

22.14.3 Home clubs shall telephone   or e-mail the result to the Women’s Tier Results Secretary no later than   9.30pm on match day.

22.14.4 As Rule 17.8.4

22.14.5 Late   Result Fines shall apply.  See League   Rules and 9.3.3.

22.15 ECB Team Sheet cards – As Rule 17.9





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