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Runciman Cup Final at Penzance 2015

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Andrew Cup Final at Mount Ambrose 2015

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Vinter Cup Final at Camborne 2015

Cup Competitions

Hawkey Cup Final at St Austell 2015

Premier 50/50 Cup 2016

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West Group: Falmouth, Helston, Penzance, Redruth & St Just.

East Group: Grampound Road, Newquay, St Austell, Truro & Werrington

 Truro win the 2016 Final beating Helston by 2 wickets


 Saturday 23 April    2016 1pm starts  
Falmouth v St Just    Cancelled
 Helston  78  Redruth   68  Helston by 10 runs
Grampound Rd v Werrington     Cancelled
St Austell Truro    Cancelled
 Saturday 30 April     
Redruth 160 Penzance  262-8  Penzance by 102 runs
St Just 158-6 Helston  157  St Just by 4 wkts
Newquay 139 St Austell 105   St Austell by 34 runs
Truro 182-8 Werrington  181  Truro by 2 wkts
 Monday 2 May        
Falmouth 138-8 Redruth  84  Falmouth by 54 runs
Penzance 142-9 Helston  143-8  Helston by 2 wkts
Truro 218-7 Grampound Rd  90-9  Truro by 127 runs
Werrington 237-6 Newquay  101 Werrington by 136 runs
 Saturday 7 May       
Penzance 113-4 Falmouth  231-7  Abandoned
Redruth 115 St Just  94-2  St Just by 8 wkts
Newquay  105 Truro  108-4  Newquay by 6 wkts
St Austell  173-8 Grampound Rd  RSP  Abandoned
 Saturday 14 May       
Helston  269-8 Falmouth  148  Helston by 121 runs
St Just  119 Penzance  122-4  Penzance by 6 wkts
Grampound Rd  182-9 Newquay  72  Gramp Rd by 110 runs
Werrington  309-7 St Austell  298-9  Werrington by 11 runs
 Sunday 4 September    
 Final    at Redruth CC  Report/Card  
 Helston 155  Truro  147-8 (Target 146)  Truro by 2 wickets



 Saturday 25 April    2015 1pm starts  Scorecards
Redruth 150-5 Camborne  126-5  Redruth  by 24 runs 
St Just v Falmouth    Cancelled 
Grampound Rd 80-7 Truro  dnb  Abandoned
Newquay Werrington    Cancelled
 Saturday 2 May       
Camborne v St Just    Cancelled 
Falmouth v Penzance    Cancelled
St Austell v Newquay    Cancelled
Werrington 245-9 Truro  82  Werrington by 163 runs
 Monday 4 May        
Penzance 148-9 St Just  27-2  Abandoned
Redruth 43-0 Falmouth  dnb  Abandoned
Truro 31-2 St Austell  166-8  Abandoned
Werrington 236-7 Grampound Rd  202  Werrington by 34 runs
 Saturday 9 May       
Falmouth 152 Camborne  109  Falmouth by 43 runs
Penzance 120-5 Redruth  114  Penzance by 5 wkts
Newquay 161 Grampound Rd  126 Newquay by 35 runs 
St Austell 99 Werrington  178-7 Werrington by 79 runs 
 Saturday 16 May       
Camborne 128-5 Penzance 127   Camborne by 5 wkts
St Just 289-6 Redruth 138   St Just by 151 runs
Grampound Rd 50-1 St Austell  49  Gramp Rd by 9 wkts
Truro 166 Newquay  126  Truro by 40 runs
 Sunday 28 June     
 Semi Finals        
St Just v Grampound Rd  postponed to 9/8  
Werrington 306-9 Penzance  167  Werrington by 139 runs
 Sunday 6 September  Final at neutral venue

Saturday 25 April

Weather - After a very dry April showery rain, some heavy, began at lunchtime just as games were due to start. 

Grampound Road - Grampound Road 80-7 (20.5overs) (C Roberts 23no, D Hoskings 20; B Tumilty 2-13, K Snell 2-18, D Ferris 2-23). Rain stopped play. Match abandoned; Truro nine points, Grampound Road six.

Newquay - Newquay v Werrington. Match cancelled; six points each.

Redruth – Redruth 150-5 (T Whiteford 42, H Bolland 34, N Hornbuckle 32, C Moyle 3-28), Camborne 126-5 (L Delport 29, L Weeks 27; C Rowe 3-26). Redruth (15 points) beat Camborne (four)  by 24 runs in a match reduced to 22 overs.

St Just - St Just v Falmouth. Match cancelled; six points each

Saturday 2 May

Morning rain saw three games cancelled.

 Werrington – Werrington 245-9 (P Smith 68, A Hodgson 33, A Smeeth 32, S Green 24, B Smeeth 23, M Gribble 21; K Snell 3-40, R Harrison 2-49), Truro 82 (K Snell 19; A Smeeth 5-33, I Worsnip 2-6). Werrington (20 points) beat Truro (four) by 163 runs in a match reduced to 40 overs.

Camborne v St Just, Falmouth v Penzance, St Austell v Newquay - all cancelled (six points each).


Monday 4 May

 Weather - rain began in the west early in the afternoon. Games at Penzance and Truro resumed but heavy rain fell after tea.

Penzance - Penzance 148-9 (M O'Leary 46, M O'Brien 29, J Fletcher 18; G May 3-18, J Stephens 3-19),St Just 27-2 (N Curnow 18). Rain stopped Play. Match abandoned; St Just (ten points), Penzance (nine) in a match reduced to 30 overs.

 Redruth – Redruth 43-0 (9 overs) (H Bolland 19no, T Whiteford 17no) v Falmouth. Rain stopped play. Match Abandoned, six points each.

 Truro - St Austell 166-8 (K Van Rooyen 63no, D Jarman 26, L Watson 20; T Sharp 4-22), Truro 31-2 (13 overs). Rain stopped play. Match abandoned, ten points each  in a match reduced to 38 overs.

 Werrington – Werrington 236-7 (N Lawson 84, A Hodgson 50no, B Smeeth 39; M Robins 3-38), Grampound Rd 202 (M Robins 74, A Kula 38, D Hoskings 23; I Fishman 3-32, B Smeeth 2-20, T Dinnis 2-22). Werrington (20 points) beat Grampound Road (eight) by 34 runs


Saturday 9 May

Weather - early morning rain replaced by sunny intervals

 Falmouth – Falmouth 152 (J Thomas 25, C Purchase 23; L Delport 4-15, J Carvelly 4-24), Camborne 109 (L Delport 30, J Carvelly 28; A Angove 3-7, G Furnival 3-23). Falmouth (18 points) beat Camborne (six) by 43 runs.

Newquay – Newquay 161 (A Cocking 59, R Spall 27, H Webb 21; A May 2-7, M Robins 2-14, A Kula 2-33, T Hughes 2-53), Grampound Road 126 (A Kula 22; G Stevens 3-16, N Furlonger 2-17, T Eggins 2-18, R Spall 2-24). Newquay (18 points) beat Grampound Road (seven) by 35 runs.

Penzance - Redruth 114 (N Hornbuckle 33; J Ludlam 5-32, M Stevens 3-40, S Sweeney 2-23), Penzance 120-5 (S Sweeney 29, M O’Brien 28no; M Jenkin 2-28, M Strick 2-30). Penzance (18 points) beat Redruth (three) by five wickets.

St Austell – Werrington 178-7 (A Smeeth 43, S Green 41, B Smeeth 40; L Watson 2-21, C Wilson 2-39), St Austell 99 (G Bone 21; B Smeeth 3-4, A Hodgson 3-18, A Smeeth 2-19). Werrington (19 points) beat St Austell (three) by 79 runs.


Saturday 16 May

Weather - Sunny, 13 degrees

 Camborne – Penzance 127 (K Moyle 28, C Goldsworthy 20; D Stephens 4-47, C Johnson 2-3, J Carvelly 2-22), Camborne 128-5 (N King 34, K Roberts 30, L Delport 23, J Fletcher 3-20). Camborne (20 points) beat Penzance (four) by five wickets.

Grampound Road – St Austell 49 (A Ridd 7-17, L Sanders 3-25), Grampound Rd 50-1 (C Hoskings 25no, M Manuell 18no). Grampound Rd (20 points) beat St Austell (nil) by nine wickets.

St Just – St Just 289-6 (N Curnow 159, G Edwards 47; M Strick 3-48, N Hornbuckle 2-78), Redruth 138 (H Bolland 30, C Williams 24; M George 3-15, P Nicholas 2-21, D Bloomfield 2-34, C Donnelly 2-36). St Just (20 points) beat Redruth (four) by 151 runs. Redruth deducted one poinr for a slow over rate.

Truro - Truro 166 (R Harrison 38, A Noott 31, T Sharp 27, K Snell 25; N Furlonger 3-55, R Spall 2-16, G Stevens 2-16), Newquay 126 (M Pearce 33, C O’Dwyer 26; R Harrison 3-14, K Snell 2-25, B Tumilty 2-29). Truro (18 points) beat Newquay (seven) by 40 runs.


The final group games in the Jolly’s Drinks Premier 50/50 Cup provided plenty of drama with Grampound Road and Penzance just squeezing through to join Werrington and St Just in the semi-finals.

St Just secured top spot in the west group thanks to a 151 run home win over Redruth. Neil Curnow made 159 in the big total of 289 for 6. Redruth replied with 138 all out.

Penzance lost at Camborne but took three late wickets to gain the vital fourth bonus point to qualify, just one point ahead of both Camborne and Falmouth.

Penzance made 127 all out and Camborne reached 128 for five.

In the east group Werrington had a bye and were already assured of top spot.

Grampound Road easily beat St Austell by 9 wickets after the visitors were bowled out for just 49. Alex Ridd took 7 for 17.

Truro beat Newquay by 40 runs but crucially dropped two batting bonus points. They were 166 all out and dismissed Newquay for 126.

Grampound Road qualify at the expense of Truro on net run rate.



 Werrington - Werrington 306-9 (M Gribble 64, N Lawson 58, B Smeeth 34, S Hockin 24, A Jenkin 20, P Smith 20, extras 33, penalty runs 20 (slow over rate), Penzance 167 (M Stevens 95, J Fletcher 24; A Smeeth 3-15, S Hockin 3-37). Werrington beat Penzance by 139 runs in a match reduced to 46 overs.

 St Just v Grampound Road. Match postponed due to rain and fog. Re-scheduled for Sunday 9 August with the final now on Sunday 6 September at a neutral venue.



 2014 Competition

Premier 50/50 Cup Final Newquay v St Just at Camborne CC on 27 July

St Just 221 (G Thomas 60, Usman Arshad 4-69) beat Newquay 203 (A Cocking 88, P Nicholas 4-17)  card

Premier 50/50 Cup semi-finals held on 15 June

 St Just 323-5 (Medhurst 108, N Curnow 86) beat St Austell 148 card

 Truro 182-9( Harvey 92, Sharp 23; Usman Arshad 5-30) lost to  Newquay 186-4 (45.5) (Lynch 71no, Cocking 48).  card

 Group Matches

 Saturday 17 May

Fine warm and sunny 20 degrees

ST JUST have topped the West 50/50 Cup Group – and in some style. They demolished REDRUTH at Trewirgie by the small matter of 312 runs after knocking up the huge total of 392 for three. Star of the show was Australian Harry Medhurst who blasted 200 not out made off 147 balls with five sixes and 26 fours. After losing Mark George for 14 Medhurst joined Neil Curnow to put on 149 for the second wicket in 23 overs. Curnow was dismissed for 104 off 87 balls with two sixes and 17 fours. Gary Thomas was run out for 15 before Medhurst and Gavin Edwards (38 no) added 149 for the fourth wicket over the last ten overs. A shell shocked Redruth were dismissed for 80 with only skipper Ben Stevens (38) getting double figures. Callum Donnelly took four for 38 and Gareth May three for eight. TRURO have also qualified from the west group after a seven wicket home win over CAMBORNE. The visitors got off to a flyer with 88 on the board in eight overs. Once Ryan Du Plessis (54) and Nick King (35) were parted only Sam Pooley (16) and last man Jeff Carvelly (11no) got double figures as the innings fell away to 155 all out in the 42nd over. Tom Sharp took four for 17 from ten overs with Kelvin Snell and Marc Lewis taking two each. Truro lost Callum Whittaker for 16 with the score at 29 to Carvelly. The game was sealed with a second wicket stand of 103 between Scott Harvey (52not out) and Sharp (59). The winning runs came in the 35th over.

ST AUSTELL have finished runners up to NEWQUAY in the east group after a five wicket win over GRAMPOUND ROAD at Wheal Eliza. The sides have tied on 50 points but Newquay are top thanks to an away win. The Road were all out for 169 with extras top scoring with 39. After being 90 for seven Alex Ridd made 29 and Callum Wilson 23. Matt Manuell and Tom Hughes both got 20’s at the top of the order. Andrew Libby took three for 21 with two each for Wilson, Liam Watson and Matt Lloyd.  Mike Bone (31) and James Carter (38) put on 73 for the St Austell first wicket to set up the win. Chris Wallbank made 21and Jon Grey 19. Ridd completed a good game with three for 24. In a dead rubber Werrington and Callington got in some useful practice ahead of the start of the Premier League next week. Werrington hit 350-6 at Moores Park with Nick Ward making 77; Alex Smeeth 120 and Paul Smith 100 not out. Jim Shorten took two for 89. Callington replied with 217 for eight. Jake Libby made 61, Aidan Libby 38 and Joe White 30. Sam Hockin took two for 30.

 Callington – Werrington 350-6 (A Smeeth 120, P Smith 100no, N Ward 77; J Libby 2-44, J Shorten 2-89), Callington 217-8 (J Libby 61, Ai Libby 38, J White 30; S Hockin 2-30). Werrington (19 points) beat Callington (eight) by 133 runs.

Redruth – St Just 392-3 (H Medhurst 200no, N Curnow 104, G Edwards 38no), Redruth 80 (B Stevens 38; C Donnelly 4-38, G May 3-8, P Nicholas 2-23). St Just (20 points) beat Redruth (one) by 312 runs.

St Austell – Grampound Road 169 (A Ridd 29, C Willett 23, M Manuell 21, T Hughes 20; An Libby 3-21, M Lloyd 2-25, L Watson 2-32, C Wilson 2-36), St Austell 170-5 (J Carter 38, M Bone 31, C Wallbank 21; A Ridd 3-24). St Austell (20 points) beat Grampound rd (five) by five wickets.

Truro – Camborne 155 (R Du Plessis 54, N King 35; T Sharp 4-17, M Lewis 2-5, K Snell 2-30), Truro 156-3 (T Sharp 59, S Harvey 52no). Truro (20 points) beat Camborne (four) by seven wickets.


 Saturday 10 May

Heavy overnight rain cleared to give a very blustery showery day, West Cornwall mostly dry however.

REDRUTH provided a shock result at Trewirgie in beating TRURO by 20 runs to throw the west group of the Premier 50/50 Cup wide open. Any two of four clubs can still qualify for the semi-finals with one round of matches to play. In a game reduced to 45 overs a side Redruth got to 46 before losing their second wicket. From there on the innings collapsed to 93 all out. Their last four wickets fell without a run added. Opener Aaron Wallace held the innings together with 46 before being sixth out. Ross Pascoe took three for 14. Truro had early problems losing Tim Marrion, Tom Sharp, Callum Whitaker and Scott Harvey with only 21 on the board, Liam Lombard top scored with 15 and skipper Rob Harrison made 14 in the 73 all out in the 38th over. Martin Strick took four for 16 and Etienne Joubert and Darren Shorland took two each. ST JUST lead the group after winning at FALMOUTH by six wickets. Antony Angove came to the crease at 9 for two after Harry Roberts and Stefan Churcher went cheaply. He went on to make 50 before being run out. Arup Revandkar with 16 was the only other home batsman in double figures in the 95 all out. Mark George took three for 20 and Philip Nicholas 3-6 from six overs. Angove bowled Neil Curnow for two but Mark George (20), Harry Medhurst (31), Gavin Edwards (16no) and Justin Stephens (12no) sealed the win in the 23rd over. Guy Leathley took two for 19.

NEWQUAY are through to the semi-finals after beating CALLINGTON by 33 runs at the Sports Centre. In a 25 over game, that started at 3.30pm, Newquay’s openers Joe Crane (51) and Usman Arshad (67 put on 103 for the first wicket in the 14th over. Adam Cocking made 26 in the 179 for four. Crane and Arshad hit three sixes apiece and Cocking two. Callington’s openers Matt Robins and Jake Libby put on 95 for their first wicket in 18 overs. Robins went for 47 and Libby went on to make 46. Aidan Libby was 21 not out but Callington didn’t seriously threatened. WERRINGTON’S chances of making it a hat trick of titles are all but over thanks to the weather. Damp run ups meant their game with ST AUSTELL at Ladycross yesterday had to be cancelled. Werrington are yet to complete a game in the competition after  two cancellations and an abandonment. If the St Austell v Grampound Road tie provides a winner next Saturday Werrington will be out, regardless of what they do against Callington.

Falmouth – Falmouth 95 (A Angove 50; P Nicholas 3-6, M George 3-20), St Just 98-4 (H Medhurst 31, M George 20; G Leathley 2-19). St Just (18 points) beat Falmouth (two) by six wickets.

Newquay – Newquay 179-4 (Usman Arshad 67, J Crane 51, A Cocking 26), Callington 146-4 (M Robins 47, J Libby 46, Ai Libby 21no; Usman Arshad 2-33). Newquay (16 points) beat Callington (four) by 33 runs in a game reduced to 25 overs.

Redruth – Redruth 93 (A Wallace 46; R Pascoe 3-14, K Snell 2-14, D Ferris 2-17), Truro 73 (M Strick 4-16, D Shorland 2-8, E Joubert 2-12). Redruth (15 points) beat Truro (five) by 20 runs in a game reduced to 45 overs.

Werrington – Werrington v St Austell. Match cancelled; six points each.


Monday 5 May

After a bright morning rain set in from mid afternoon.

Camborne 159-4 v Falmouth. Rain stopped play

The forecast Bank Holiday rain duly arrived at Roskear in mid afternoon with Camborne 90 for three after 24 overs. A resumption was made at 4.30pm but only eight more overs were possible, in gloomy conditions, before the players came off at 5pm as the weather set in. Matt Rowe was going well at the time on 75 with Craig Johnson also unbeaten on 32. Guy Leathley picked up two wickets with one each for Antony Angove and Glyn Furnival.


 St Just 254-8 v Truro. Rain stopped play

The abandonment came at tea at Cape Road but not before the St Just faithful had witnessed some encouraging signs for the season ahead. New recruit, Aussie Harry Medhurst, made a good first impression with the bat. He made an excellent 65 with a six and 12 fours. At the other end the usually prolific Neil Curnow was happy to look on, in an opening stand of 82. The tried and trusted Curnow (30), Gavin Edwards (34), returning Justin Stephens (33) and newcomer Daniel Mitchell (21) were the leading contributors in a big total. Tom Sharp was as miserly as ever taking three for 26 off ten overs. New boys  Kelvin Snell and Liam Lombard both took two wickets.


Callington 76 Grampound Rd 79-2

Grampound Road beat the weather on Monday to knock over Callington at Moores Park, keeping their cup hopes alive. Two defeats for Callington over the weekend  sees them having to regroup ahead of the league campaign. With Matt Robins making 19 at 31 for one there wasn’t too much sign of the  problems ahead. However Road skipper Chris Roberts and newcomer from Ladock, Alex Ridd, had other ideas. They ripped through the order as the last nine wickets fell for 44 runs. Roberts took four for 22 and Ridd five for 10 from 8.3 overs in a remarkable spell. With rain in the air Tom Hughes (20), David Hoskings (23no) and Alex May (27no) wasted little time. Tom Dinnis took the two wickets.


Werrington 165-4 v Newquay did not bat  - Rain Stopped Play

Werrington will probably need to win both remaining games if they hope to retain their title. Only 43 overs were possible at Ladycross before rain ended proceedings before four o’clock. Nick Lawson made 47 before being third out at 111. He was well supported by Alex Smeeth (20) and Mark Gribble (33). Ben Smeeth was just beginning to get going on 34 when the weather intervened. Richard Spall and Usman Arshad shared the four wickets.


Callington – Callington 76 (M Robins 19; A Ridd 5-10, C Roberts 4-22), Grampound Road 79-2 (A May 27no, D Hoskings 23, T Hughes 20; T Dinnis 2-33). Grampound Road (18 points) beat Callington (one) by eight wickets.

Camborne – Camborne 159-4 (32 overs) (M Rowe 75no, C Johnson 32no; G Leathley 2-31), v Falmouth. Rain stopped play. Match Abandoned; Camborne 9 points, Falmouth eight.

St Just – St Just 254-8 (H Medhurst 65, G Edwards 34, J Stephens 33, N Curnow 30; T Sharp 3-26, K Snell 2-38, L Lombard 2-52) v Truro. Rain stopped play. Match Abandoned; St Just 11 points, Truro nine (deducted 1 point – slow over rate).

Werrington – Werrington 165-4 (43 overs) (N Lawson 47, B Smeeth 34no, M Gribble 33; R Spall 2-20, Usman Arshad 2-28) v Newquay. Rain stopped play. Match Abandoned; Werrington 9 points, Newquay eight.


Saturday 3 May

Dry, cool some afternoon sun.

Truro got off to a winning start in the Premier 50/50 Cup with a 74 run home win over Falmouth at Boscawen Park. They got off to a good start with Tim Marrion (31) and Scott Harvey (39) putting on 70 for the first wicket. Tom Sharp and Callum Whittaker made 17 each before Kelvin Snell hit 21 in the 180-8. Former Stithians player Glyn Furnival took three for 37 from ten overs on his Falmouth debut. Guy Leathley picked up two for 38. Falmouth’s reply got off to a disastrous start losing their first four wickets for seven runs shared by Rob Harrison and Kyle Van Rooyen. That became 24 for seven at one point before newcomer Arup Revandkar found some support from the tail. Kieran Rodda got double figures before Revandkar was last out for 56. Van Rooyen took four for 22 and Harrison three for 18. In the other west group game Camborne won a low scoring affair over derby rivals Redruth at Roskear, by 41 runs. After losing Kevin Roberts Nick King made 20.  New skipper Matt Rowe held things together with 31 before being seventh out at 81. The innings ended in the 45th over at 103. Martin Strick and Darren Shorland took three wickets each. The Redruth batting failed with only Aaron Wallace and Strick, with 13 apiece, getting double figures. They were 62 all out in 32 overs with South African medium pacer Ryan Du Plessis taking four for 19 from the pavilion end. Sam Pooley took three for 18.

Newquay made a winning start on their return to the top flight with a six wicket success at Grampound Road. The home team reached 62 before losing their second wicket with Matt Manuell making 43, David Hoskings 20 and Tom Hughes 17. The innings fell away to 109-7 before Chris Hunkin made 25 not out to get the total to 155 all out. The Newquay bowlers shared the wickets with two each for Usman Arshad, John Williams, Martin Pearce and Tom Eggins. Arshad, opening the bating, dominated the Newquay reply. He hit an unbeaten 81 to see his side home by six wickets with eight overs to spare. Joe Crane, Pearce, Zaid Joseph and Michael Harding all supported with double figures. Lewis Sanders took two for 32. St Austell enjoyed a 23 run home win over Callington at Wheal Eliza. They were in trouble at 80 for seven after Mike Bone and Craig Richards had put on 31 for the first wicket. The innings was saved by Callum Wilson who hit 52 sharing a 63 run eighth wicket stand with Steve Raven. Needing 156 Callington were hampered when skipper Matt Robins had to retire with a leg injury. He returned but was soon out for a single, bowled by former team mate Andrew Libby. Jake Libby top scored with 54. Mike Bone took four for 25 including the last wicket of Jim Shorten for 14 with fifteen balls remaining.

Camborne – Camborne 103 (M Rowe 32, N King 20; M Strick 3-20, D Shorland 3-23), Redruth 62 (R Du Plessis 4-19, S Pooley 3-18, C Johnson 2-8). Camborne (16 points) beat Redruth (five) by 41 runs.

Grampound Rd – Grampound Rd 155 (M Manuell 43, C Hoskings 25no, D Hoskings 20; J Williams 2-21, M Pearce 2-27, T Eggins 2-27), Newquay 157-4 (U Arshad 81no; L Sanders 2-32). Newquay (20 points) beat Grampound Rd (five) by six wickets.

St Austell – St Austell 155 (C Wilson 52; J Shorten 3-20, J Libby 2-8, A Libby 2-15, A Jewiss 2-32), Callington 132 (J Libby 54; M Bone 4-25). St Austell (18 points) beat Callington (seven) by 23 runs.

Truro – Truro 180-8 (S Harvey 39, T Marrion 31, K Snell 21; G Furnival 3-37, G Leathley 2-38), Falmouth 106 (A Revandkar 56; K Van Rooyen 4-22, R Harrison 3-18, M Lewis 2-1). Truro (19 points) beat Falmouth (five) by74 runs


 Saturday 27 April

Following heavy overnight rain frequent heavy showers throughout the day. All games off before mid-day

Falmouth v Redruth, Grampound Rd v Werrington, Newquay v St Austell, St Just v Camborne. All matches cancelled; six points each.     




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