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During the 2016/17 close season the ECB and Home Office have advised changes to the criteria regarding bringing in of Overseas Players to Cricket Leagues, with stricter regulations in place. This page brings together all the information from ECB, the CCL, forms and explanatory documents.


CCL Statement 6 February 2017

Please find below a CCL Statement, explanatory documents and CCL forms with regard to the latest Home Office and ECB information as we understand it. We hasten to add that we are not migration experts with Home Office dispensation and we also hasten to add that clubs are on their own when it comes to making final decisions about engaging non-UK resident cricketers for the summer.

 Professional Overseas (OS1) should only be submitted if you have engaged a player under the Tier 5 (Creative and Temporary Worker) scheme.

Overseas player (OS2) should be submitted if you have engaged an amateur player for the summer and should be used in conjunction with form CCL Overseas Club Form (OS3)  which is primarily a check list for your own information and can be used as reference should there be any subsequent issues. The League does not request this form (OS3) to be handed in as a matter of course, but we reserve the right to see a properly completed copy upon demand.

While we can field enquiries and offer some sort of opinion to likely outcomes, we are not in a position to make the final decision. That is down to the Home Office and on a case by case basis. There may well be anomalies, but suffice it to say that under the tightened rules almost all of the non-UK players in last year’s Premier League (2016) and many of the others in lower leagues would be ineligible to play from now on in club Cricket.

It is fair to say our opinion is “if in doubt, don’t” 

 Dave Eggins

CCL Deputy Chair / Overseas Players Administrator 
CCL Statement regarding Overseas Players (Feb 2017)    click
CCL OS1  Professional Overseas Player Information Form     click
CCL OS2  Amateur Overseas Player Information Form                          click
CCL OS3  Overseas Club Checklist                                        click
CCL Overseas Definitions Chart click
CCL Overseas Eligibility Chart click
CCL Q & As (March 2017) click
ECB Managed Migration Statement & Q & As    (Dec 2016) click
The Home Office Website click
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Email ECB at  

For advice that might save clubs spending money unneccessarily in trying to obtain visas etc email CCL Overseas Player Administrator Dave Eggins at  m 07740 049324




ECB Important Information for Leagues & Clubs in 2017   22 February

We know that understanding visa requirements for overseas players joining your club can be a tricky web to untangle. The difference between ‘professional sportspersons’ and ‘amateurs’ can seem blurred and knowing what you need to do legally, can therefore seem too difficult to bother with.


Following discussions with the Home Office, we’ve created a document with their approval that we hope makes it easier for clubs to understand - Home Office Immigration Rules for Cricket.


Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with legal advice directly. However, we’ll continue to do our best to explain your requirements in the simplest way possible. For more information, we recommend you visit the Home Office website or check out some useful links below as well as an FAQ sheet.


Should you have any further queries, please email us at



CCL Statement 20th January 2017
Following more communication from ECB regarding the much stricter regulations on overseas players in leagues, we have to advise that, as we understand it , any overseas player who has at any time in their career played for money (any First Class, any List A, 20/20 cups where money is involved) in their home country are classified as a professional and  will not be allowed to play club cricket in the UK, except as a current professional and with a Tier 5 visa.


The extent of the term ‘professional’ has yet to finally defined, but in order to be rather more safe than sorry, the League must advise that where there is any doubt whatsoever the club holds fire on any expenditure and commitment on any potential agreement with a non-Tier 5 overseas player, no matter what the agent may say. The ECB are saying that they are expecting a final definition on the wording behind ‘professional’  from the Home Office within the next three weeks.

 If any club is found to have engaged such a player without performing themselves (not taking the agent’s word) rigid background checks (cricinfo, google, native country cricket stats) to ensure the player is a legitimate amateur, then the club chairman,  who is deemed in the eyes of HMRC to be ‘the employer’, will be personally liable for the hefty penalties that may be imposed for illegally employing a professional cricketer

The League will be expected to vet applications, although the final responsibility does lie with the individual clubs and chairs of clubs. If we suspect there is any doubt, the player will not get clearance, so clubs henceforth will have to notify the league of their intentions before going ahead and engaging an overseas player. An appeal through the Home Office may be lodged and if successful the LMC will review the application, but we emphasise that we must be seen to apply the regulations strictly. 

The Tier 5 professional by the way will count as both the one overseas and the one paid player allowed per club (rules 14.2 -14.5)



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